About efficacy of the fail2ban daemon:

As many of you know we have been using various countermeasures to stop unwanted individuals  from getting into our servers.  Especially the kind that attempt to brute-force a username/password combination.

To that end we have recently deployed the ‘wp fail2ban’ plugin . The question is does it work?

The answer is below:

--------------------- fail2ban-messages Begin ------------------------
 Banned services with Fail2Ban:                          Bans:Unbans
    ssh:                                                    [  7:4  ]
    wp-auth-fail:                                           [944:6  ]
---------------------- fail2ban-messages End -------------------------

Please bear in mind these are 24 hour stats - just one day of activity... 

Watch this space for some instructions oh how to set-up fail2ban effectively.

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