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Debian 8 (Jessie) updates are coming

Debian 8 “Jessie” As most of you most likely already know, Debian Linux 8 aka “Jessie” has been released in the last few weeks. This release brings us a host of significant updates: Xen 4.4, apache 2.4, php 5.6.x, postfix 2.11.x and perhaps most controversially a new parallel service start-up utilitiy called systemd The Linux …

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About efficacy of the fail2ban daemon:

As many of you know we have been using various countermeasures to stop unwanted individuals  from getting into our servers.  Especially the kind that attempt to brute-force a username/password combination. To that end we have recently deployed the ‘wp fail2ban’ plugin . The question is does it work? The answer is below: ——————— fail2ban-messages Begin …

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Updated Xen Hypervisor, Linux kernel and more

Vandrad Research Labs have carried out major work last night. Between 21:30 and 22:30 on 14 August 2013 AEST, the main server was upgraded and the following work was done: the Xen server was upgraded to Debian 7.0 new version of Xen Hypervisor (Xen 4.1.4) was installed a new Linux kernel (3.2.46) and modules was …

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email server upgrade

Our main mail email server has been upgraded: Linux distribution was upgraded from rom Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0.7) to Debian Wheezy (Debian 7.0). This means: new libc, kernel new postfix, courier POP and Courier IMAP daemons new bind daemon new ssh daemon We used this upgrade as an opportunity to migrate the email domains and …

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database server build

Long time between updates. Most recent upgrade to our systems is the establishment of a dedicated Mysql/Postgresql server for use with our WordPress and Drupal CMS servers, and to hold other databases. So far, We have migrated 18 or so WordPress databases to this server. Next up is migration of remaining WordPress databases, the Drupal …

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Upgrade to Debian 6.0.7 installed

An upgrade to Debian 6.0.7 was installed last night across all servers. This work  appears to have been successful and no adverse side-effects have been observed as at this time. Debian 6.0.7 includes an update to the Xen hypervisor and Linux kernel binaries. To activate these, a reboot of the Xen server stack  will be …

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mysql backup script updates

The VRL servers now have a new backup script that does: dump of all of the databases from a mysql instance sha256 checksumming of db backups sha256 checksumming tarballs of multiple db backups gpg encryption of the tarballs once they are assembled deletion of backup files and other files older than 14 days The script …

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RKHunter upgrade

Today we have rolled out a new version of the rkhunter package – RKHunter 1.4.0  – to all of our managed hosts. Its a relatively simple process on the Debian hosts: Downlaod the rkhunter 1.4.0  (at this time it is 1.4.0-2)  Debain package from your local Debian project mirror. Verify package hashes and signatures (There …

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Debian Linux 6.0.6 stable release update

Debian foundation have advised that the stable Debian release, Debian 6.0 (aka “Squeeze”) has been released to public. Vandrad Research Labs staff are in the process of updating our servers. A list of updated packages and the offcial write can be found in the official announcement on the Debian foundation web page.

IP address migration completed

All the work that was necessary for IP address migration has been completed (including clean-up works). As at this time we do not anticipate any further service disruptions, other than the regular security patch updates.

New IP addresses for servers

Our upstream provider have advised that they need to migrate us to a different IP subnet. Much fun is about to be had by all… some VM reboots required. Check back on this page for more information…

April server reboot.

A scheduled reboot of the Vandrad Research Labs Xen server stack has been successful. All servers appear to have come back on-line without a problem. The reboot was necessary to update the kernel and to distribute new modules to all Xen hosted instances.

Fixing Australian time zones in plone

One of our clients, the Ancient Arts Fellowship have requested a new Plone site. After some deliberation and several futile attempts to upgrade their current Plone 2.5.5 to a plone 3.x instance we made a collective decision to run with a new Plone 4 setup. Of course the “curse of the time zone” reared its …

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Upgrading postgresql databse server software on Debian Squeeze

I am very happy to report, that just as just as was described in the PostgreSQL update post the same process works flawlessly for migrating postgresql  8.3.x to 8.4.x on Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0)

Server outage 22:30 AEDT, Tuesday 01/02/2011

An outage is required to activate linux kernel patches as detailed in DSA 2153-1 -linux-2.6 security update. Current schedule is for 22:30 to 23:00 on AEDT on Tuesday 01/02/2011 Service will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes

Outage Advisory 2010-11-30 20:00 to 20:30 AEDT.

Outage Advisory 2010-11-30 20:00 to 20:30 AEDT. A scheduled server maintenance outage will take place between 20:00 and 20:30 AEDT on 30/11/2010. We expect that the actual service interruption will take about 10 minutes because a reboot of the server is required.

Only 6 static IP addresses left…

We did some system accounting last night – we only have 6 more static IP addresses left. We still have reasonable amount of RAM and a lot CPU cycles and several hundred gigabytes of HDD space in reserve but we can only cater for 6 more dedicated Xen Linux servers, and two of those are …

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More RAM…

We have ordered more RAM for our hosting servers. This will allow us to host more clients and provide mode dedicated resources per client on each server.

hosting servers – maintenance window

Server maintenance window required.

Blog Engine Upgrage no 2

Yesterday I reconfigured all the instances of WordPress to talk separate wordpress instances…