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OpenVPN tricks and traps

Why Recently I had to update my certificates. As things go, I decided to do a 2 tier CA. Of course, this compilcates the config of systems like OpenVPN. This needed some bending of the configs to get what I wanted. How Critical config enrties to make this all work – with comments ca /etc/openvpn/root-ca.cert …

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RKHunter upgrade

Today we have rolled out a new version of the rkhunter package – RKHunter 1.4.0  – to all of our managed hosts. Its a relatively simple process on the Debian hosts: Downlaod the rkhunter 1.4.0  (at this time it is 1.4.0-2)  Debain package from your local Debian project mirror. Verify package hashes and signatures (There …

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Fixing Australian time zones in plone

One of our clients, the Ancient Arts Fellowship have requested a new Plone site. After some deliberation and several futile attempts to upgrade their current Plone 2.5.5 to a plone 3.x instance we made a collective decision to run with a new Plone 4 setup. Of course the “curse of the time zone” reared its …

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Upgrading postgresql databse server software on Debian Squeeze

I am very happy to report, that just as just as was described in the PostgreSQL update post the same process works flawlessly for migrating postgresql  8.3.x to 8.4.x on Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0)

Hosting Joint Venture Launched

Vandrad Research Labs are proud to announce that together with Mr Dale Baldwin of we have launched a new web services and hosting joint venture to support Dale and his growing web design and consultancy business based out of Hobart in Tasmania. Recently Mr Baldwin has advised that this arrangement has allowed him to …

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New Blog Crated

Today I created a new WordPress Blog engine instance for “Rational Capital” – – which is a sceptic and rational thought blog run by a very good friend of ours, a certain Mr Andrew Gould. We look forward to see what Mr Gould has in store for us.

Blog Engine Upgrage no 2

Yesterday I reconfigured all the instances of WordPress to talk separate wordpress instances…

Upgrading postgresql databse server software on Debian Lenny (Old Post)

Problem: Because we have several servers that was upgrade from Debian Etch and the to Debian Lenny via the “apt-get dist-upgrade” path , I need to upgrade older instance postgresql 8.1 to postgresql 8.3 as smoothly as possible.

what is a “business architecture” ?

There is a perception amongst many people I speak to that Business Architecture is something for the big business, that it is expensive to do, that only medium and big businesses can get value from it. The reality is that behind the “Business Architecture” label lies a system used to describe, both in pictures and …

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